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Choose your Style

The very first step is to choose your style of kitchen. Once you have chosen your style we guide you through style categories.
Every design we complete is unique to the customer.

Material & Finish

Once you have chosen your style, you then have unlimited colour choices & number of finishes available to you.

Our kitchen door materials include wood veneers, lacquered doors, ceramic and glass.

Material Type

Colour & Design Options

Once you have chosen your style we can then dive into all the options for colour and design featured of your kitchen.

Some options are endless so we work closely with the customer to create the perfect combinations and styles for their home.

Colour Picker

Planning your Kitchen

When it comes to planning your kitchen we start with a blank sheet of paper. One of the first things we do is come up with a kitchen layout that really works for you and your kitchen space.

Once we find the perfect layout, we then look at options that give your kitchen much required functionality.

At this point we look at appliances, storage options, mechanisms, lighting & worktop options as well as all those small details that make a big difference.

Once you are happy with the plan, we use kitchen design software to create your desired kitchen layout.

3D CAD Design

With the latest 3D kitchen design software, we create 3D kitchen designs to show you the end result. At this point our customers can get a real life preview of their new kitchen and collaborate with us on final colours and specifications.

Once the 3D design is created, we review carefully the selected colour balance as well as technical aspects of the plan.

Your new kitchen does not go into production until you are entirely happy with every aspect of the design.

Installation & Assembly

All of our kitchens are supplied fully assembled. We have our own production facility and we have also teamed up with a leading German kitchen manufacturer to ensure our customers receive only the best quality kitchens.

Each part of construction & build goes through stringent quality checks and your kitchens are delivered on the same day of fitting.

Installation is always included as we want end to end control of the process to ensure the final fitting is also of the highest standards our customers have come to expect.

Trusted Partners

We work with some of the biggest companies regularly, below are just a few of the companies we work closely and highly recommend to you.

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